Brombach, DE (Reiss Mühle)

Brombach, DE (Reiss Mühle), originally uploaded by Rob Carey2.

Saturday. June 12, 2010 I confess, I am a reluctant blogger. I had decided to once again close down this blog, but a couple readers encouraged me to continue posting. So here I am. I can't explain all of the reasons I am reluctant, but there's a part of me that resists technology in general. (Of course I write this while watching US - England replays.) I'm not saying I don't like technology. I just don't like the way it captures so much of my time. It is tricky to find the balance. And regarding sketching- I have to constantly evaluate what is a reasonable amount of time to spend doing it. I am finding that one of the best things for me to do is to actually schedule a one or two hour period of time on a weekend to go out and draw, providing the weather allows it. Now, a little about this sketch. I found this old flour mill in the town of Brombach a couple weeks ago, and sat across the street to draw it. I'm taking a little different approach to sketching these days, taking more time at the outset to mentally establish where the vanishing points are, then working from there to look more carefully at angles and relationships of intersecting lines. This sketch has some obvious flaws, but I'm posting it with the hope of improving as I go. In the past, I have sketched with Micron pens and used a watercolor wash, but for now I just want to practice with pencils or pencil/watercolor. I want to push myself a little to work more accurately, and yet stay a little loose. (Eventually, I think our personalities emerge from our drawing style.)


marcia-x said...

I do appreciate you taking the time to share your drawings with us.

Rob Carey said...

Thank you, Marcia.