England vs. Algeria game

England vs. Algeria game, originally uploaded by Rob Carey2.

Thursday, June 18, 2010. It's very quiet here in our corner of Germany. Serbia got the better of us today. Podolski had a chance with an "elfmeter," but it came to nothing. At the end of the loss, I could almost hear the entire country let out a huge sigh of disappointment. So ist dass Leben. Such is life. Football's a mighty big deal here. People don't take this lightly. Many people refer to the game as a religion here. Meanwhile, I hear that the Los Angeles Lakers became the big winners back home. So, we mourn while we cheer, and in a few years only a handful will remember the outcomes.


Frankie said...

I don't recognize this room...the window and door but not the chair or the TV. Where are you?

Have a wonderful time in Sweden...sunshine even!

Love you, Mom

Rob Carey said...

This is our neighbor's house. They gave us the keys and told us to use their wide screen for watching the World Cup games.