Haut Königsburg, France

Haut Königsburg, France, originally uploaded by Rob Carey2.

Saturday. June 19, 2010. Here's a sketch from a couple weeks ago of a place we take visitors now and again across the border. Today we spent the majority of the day driving to/from Karlsruhe for my son's baseball game. I was happy to find a flea market next to the field, where I found a used seat post for my bike. My daughter and I both had our bikes stolen this past year, hers a brand new outfit, mine an old favorite. Thanks to some good friends, we now both have something to ride around town. All we need now is some real summer type weather. I have a few more days of work before we head out on vacation, and I'm hoping this June gloom breaks up.


Ryan said...

I think I have a photo from that exact location.

And glad to see you are back. Got worried when I saw the blog go down, again.

Rob Carey said...

Yeah, I'm back. The blog refuses to die, I guess. Remember our talk, last time you were here? You know the deal. Where are you now?

Ryan said...

Oh, I remember that conversation well. Even if it was after that fine drum performance in the basement.

I'm still in Illinois. Trying to figure out what the next step is going to be.

didier Millotte said...

Nice view Rob. I like the Haut-Koenigsbourg, i went years ago, that's amazing.