Stadtbibliothek, Neuenburg

Stadtbibliothek, Neuenburg, originally uploaded by Rob Carey2.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010. The drawing looks nothing like I initially intended. I was hoping to get away from using Micron pens, but alas, here I am again. Japan was playing Cameroon, but I was skipping it to take the boys to baseball practice. I was more interested in the Italy - Paraguay game coming later. I took along my sketchbook and found this cool library in the center of town with a world map bubble raised up on the cobblestones in front of it. Once I started drawing, I realized I was back to my cartoonish style after all. So be it.


marcia-x said...

I would never classify the style as cartoonish. It's sketchier than some of the other drawings you have posted recently, but the detail and other features I don't have the vocabulary to describe keep it out of the cartoon group. I really like you work in this style; I find it very moving.

Rob Carey said...

Thanks very much, Marcia.