Wall street in Freiburg

Sunday. June 20, 2010. We had some friends arrive in Freiburg today, so I took the train up there to meet them and bring them the rest of the way down. I decided to head up early and spent a little more time than usual sitting on the curb drawing. I passed up all the old architecture and opted for this office building on the corner of Greiffeneggring and Wallstrasse, which sits right near the Schwaben Tor, a beautiful old gate that is more likely to be sketched than this building. I left out the traffic signal and another couple of signs, as they were blocking too much of the view. I spent at least two solid hours sketching, and got a sore behind from the ordeal.


Rene Fijten said...

Even if a bit outdated in style, this is a vintage german office building. Speaking as an architect, I can see you understood the architecture well.

Rob Carey said...

thanks, Rene. I even felt like an architect when I drew this one.