in the shadows

Riehentorstrasse- Basel, CH, originally uploaded by Rob Carey2.

October 3, 2010. I'm not sure I like this sketch at all. I was actually sitting in the blazing sun, drawing the shadows across Riehentor Street in Basel. I got home and realized it needed to be much darker. Now it's ridiculously dark. Oh well, it captures where I was. I picked my wife up from the airport today after her trip to the States. Very good to have her home again.


Anita Davies said...

Oh I love it!!!

Rene Fijten said...

I like it as well. It tells about the golden sunlight on an october evening. The contrast works!

Rob Carey said...

thanks Anita and Rene. I much prefer the light!

rowlandjones said...

Like the site and I REALLY like this: it may be simply a reflection of the fact that I have real problems in :
1. drawing on location . . still too self-conscious
2. 'Being afraid of the darks'
I seem to make things light as if it shows up mistakes less. . ridiculous I know

Rob Carey said...

1. I draw in my car sometimes- it's less obvious. Or, I find a spot around a corner where less people are walking by.
2. I think the mistakes show either way. I make lots of them. That's why I practice drawing in pencil- you can erase!