my dog ate it

Kate, originally uploaded by Rob Carey2.

October 14, 2010. This is Kate. She's one of the students in my class this year. I really didn't intend to start drawing the kids; it just sort of happened. Kind of like when the dog eats your homework. Now I've got a line up of kids who want me to draw their angelic faces. It's good practice for me, I admit, because drawing people isn't my forte. It's just that drawing the entire school would be entirely impossible. I'm not even sure I can get through my own class. I drew Kate's brother a couple years ago when he was my student. I should've learned my lesson.


art is jokken said...

You wrote you didn't intended to draw the portraits. But you did it. Just keep doing it! It looks great!

Alex Zonis said...

This is a great portrait! If you are hesitating to start a series, let me tell from my own experience how rewarding such work is. And addictive :)! I am working on a series of sketch portraits right now, for a total of 40, and am having enormous fun with it. It is also amazing to see how the portraits become increasingly better as the series progresses. You cannot tell by comparing two subsequent ones, but when looking say at #10 and #20 next to each other, the difference in quality and skill is easy to see.

In short, after I've written all this :), I recommend giving it a try. You will not regret it.

Rob Carey said...

I guess we'll have to see how it goes. Sometimes I get inspired to draw people, but it's touch and go for me. After a few failed attempts, I lose heart and go back to drawing buildings. I guess it's all a journey. When I look back to all the tragedies I sketched just two years ago, I realize the value of prolonged practice and perseverance through failures. This stuff doesn't come easy, at least not for me.