The Föhn calls

Dreirosenbrücke- Basel, CH, originally uploaded by Rob Carey2.

November 13, 2010. We have what’s called a föhn wind this weekend in Basel. As I understand it, this occurs when the moist air blows off the Mediterranean Sea, drops its moisture on the southern side of the Swiss Alps, then, transformed into a dry, warm wind, careens down the northern slopes into our region of Central Europe, suddenly changing a brisk, fall morning into a summer-like afternoon. Of course, it creates perfect sketching weather. I found a spot on the Dreirosenbrück (Three Roses Bridge), and watched the rowing competition below on the Rhine. Everyone was out and about. Many locals were dressed in heavy jackets and scarves, while some of us wore shorts, pretending it was summer.


Lucia B. said...

There's such a delicate, warm light in this sketch, it gives really well the idea of the particular weather that you describe.

Rob Carey said...

thanks- these are short-lived spells, but it just happened to fall on a weekend!