you know the drill

Black & Decker 450W drill, originally uploaded by Rob Carey2.

November 28, 2010. Our little world here is covered in gorgeous snow. I have no idea how to paint snow, so once again I just found something sitting around the house to sketch. I realize now I goofed on the chuck, but oh well. It's my wife's birthday today, and I think she had a good weekend. Last night was the winter banquet, and my wife and daughter were both gorgeous. My wife persuaded me to do the waltz, knowing full well my lack of charm and poise. We managed to waltz into range to watch my daughter and her date, noticing they didn't look quite so awkward as we did. I was just happy we didn't have to do any swing dancing. Last time we tried that, I ended up sitting in a folding chair against the wall, watching my wife dance with someone else. Not my idea of fun.


rowlandjones said...

What a bizarre coincidence! I posted a drill this week too: not as elegant and colourful as yours, but a drill nevertheless.…ky-punk-part-1/

I also posted a piece about Jack Dee (UK comedian) who does a sketch about men and power tools.

Rob Carey said...

I'll have to check that piece out. It's kind of fun drawing power tools- maybe I'll do another one this week.