a pressing matter

fruit press, originally uploaded by Rob Carey2.

January 24, 2011. I occasionally feel like an apple in one of these presses, squeezed from every angle, and producing nothing but a little juice to show for it. I sketched this during the weekend. It was used as decoration in the guesthouse where we stayed. To a poor apple it must look like an elaborate medieval instrument of torture. I know the old analogy, that we are like chunks of coal, slowly turning to diamonds after enduring tremendous pressure, but I think with us, there's more than pressure that's necessary. Pressure alone doesn't build character. I think it has more to do with how we respond to pressure. I would venture to guess that the more intense and prolonged the pressure, the greater potential for growth of character is present.


Alex Zonis said...

Love it! What a neat piece of machinery, wonderfully rendered!

Rob Carey said...

thanks, Alex.