Basel to Hannover

Basel to Hannover by train, originally uploaded by Rob Carey2.

February 12, 2011. Here's one of the sketches I did yesterday on the train from Basel to Hannover for the AGIS conference I'm at. (Association of German International Schools) I'm impressed with the conference so far. Good seminars and workshops, and a nice venue, although we're in the middle of nowhere, and I really wish I could just spend a little time in the city center to do just one sketch. Last night the US ambassador to Germany was the keynote speaker- Philip Murphy. He had some good things to say about international education, and the benefits of living outside of your own culture. I like doing these little train sketches, but definitely not easy, as you're really bumping along very fast on these ICE trains. By the way, our hotel is on the location for the 2000 World's Fair- quite deserted now, and my hotel faces what was called "Planet M," a huge flying saucer-shaped thing right outside my window. I keep looking out there, expecting to see some aliens emerging for lunch.

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bunny mazhari said...

Even though I live in England these people seem strangely familiar!