skipping rocks in the sun

Basel, Switzerland today, originally uploaded by Rob Carey2.

February 7, 2011. I never thought I'd be walking along the Rhine with my son, skipping rocks on the water with kids in swimsuits in the middle of February. But that's exactly what we were doing yesterday. We headed down to Basel and visited the Tinguely Museum, then took our time walking along the river in the warm sun. We have a vacation day, so I headed back into town this morning and found a spot in the middle of Aeschenvorstadt, sat down on the ground and sketched a while. The tram let people off right at my elbow, and some of them almost had to step over me. A few stayed for a while and watched me sketch and make comments. I sketched this same scene a while back, but from a few meters over. (see previous sketch)


Anonymous said...

Great stuff....I was thinking as I watched you draw on the video: "How does a person get to where they can draw so well (with a pen, no less!) that they are willing to try it in public and even willing to record it with video as they do it?

They have done it alot.

They are doing it alot.

Wonder if the word, "doodling" came from the word, "doing"?

enough said

Rob Carey said...

So true, Rich. I think back to endless hours of shooting jump shots- practice, practice, practice... have a great week.

bunny mazhari said...

beautiful work, I am nuts for details, and you certainly have them. Great blog by the way!

Rob Carey said...

thank you- I appreciate your note.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

It's so good to see you back Rob. Your drawings are fantastic. I can tell you've done so much practice.