Edgar Degas with tulips

Edgar Degas with tulips, originally uploaded by Rob Carey2.

March 1, 2011. I consider myself very fortunate, in that love has surrounded me my entire life. It's true, there were times when I took it for granted, or even doubted its existence, but looking back I see that it was there all along. Someone was always looking out for me. How I ever met my dear wife is a mystery and a miracle. God knows I have never earned or even deserved such love. And, by the way, love is clearly more than romance and roses, although no one would throw them out. It seems to have more to do with sickness than health, and poverty than riches. Love is closely related to diapers and bills, headaches and fender benders. Love is faithfulness. It is forgiveness. Love endures.


Bare bilder - Pictures only said...

Beautiful post. Thanks for sharing.

Peter Marano said...

Fantastic drawing and nice little story to go along with it :)

Rob Carey said...

thank you Berit and Peter, for stopping by.

Pierre Raby said...

Love this sketch a lot Rob, simple, beautifully rendered and catchy!
Love is everything.
Have a great weekend!

RobCarey said...

thank you, Pierre. Have a great week!