marches past

the high trail, originally uploaded by Rob Carey2.

March 31, 2011. "From the earth's loosened mould,The sapling draws its sustenance, and thrives; Though stricken to the heart with winter's cold, The drooping tree revives." (from Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's poem, "An April Day") Although the month of March ended today with darkness and rain, the hope of April tomorrow brings joy. And nature reflects the hope of us all, for new life and strength, both now and forever.


Rene Fijten said...

I like how you did the hatching of the clouds. And you are very productive! Is it the longer daylight, the scent of spring or just holidays?

RobCarey said...

I think it's the longer daylight. I'm just loving the light. It puts everyone in a good mood.