goodbye Sitzenkirch

Sitzenkirch, DE

May 22, 2011. I didn't intend to draw our old house today. We lived here for only two years, but we have many good memories. The house sits across the road from the school where I have taught for the past 14 years. After this year I will be saying goodbye to this sleepy little village of Sitzenkirch and teaching in the town of Wollbach. Here my kids shot bows and arrows, walked in the creeks, cheered for Germany during the World Cup games, sledded in the snow, and enjoyed the beautiful countryside in the summer. Here is where our heat went out, and where we celebrated one of our coldest Christmases, opening presents with our coats on and as many candles as we could find to light. After I finished the sketch, the couple who has lived there for the past few years came out and requested to buy it, as they too will be saying goodbye to this house and moving back to Egypt.


Ethan said...

Yes, good memories for us as well. We miss it with you.

RobCarey said...

I'll try to do a sketch of your house this summer, E. It'll be good to see you.

Rene Fijten said...

These things all form part of your history. Good te hear about the car.