Divisadero & Fulton

Fresno, CA - funeral home
June 20, 2011. I don't usually get two sketches in on one day, but I was told about this funeral home down on Fulton and Divisadero that I should draw. While I was down there I saw several old structures that wanted to be drawn, but they'll just have to wait. One thing I took notice of, while sitting there on the sidewalk across the street- it's hot in Fresno. I think it was about 100 degrees today, supposed to be getting up to 105 by Wednesday. I'm not used to sketching in that kind of heat, and I think I'll have to take along an ice-cold Ginger Ale next time.


Owl said...

Love the giant order columns framing the entrance, a very striking composition both in terms of the sketch and the architecture. I do enjoy the way these European features have been soaked into US period architecture.
Splendid sketch as always Rob, hope you enjoy that cold drink with your next one.

Malka Michaela said...

This is so lovely! I like the blue background. Makes it all pop up!
Desire to draw a lot of cooling blue in the scorching heat? :)

RobCarey said...

thank you, Owl and Malka. The building caught my eye, and there was a spot of shade across the street, so it seemed perfect. I did elongate the building somewhat. In reality it's a little stouter. The blue is truly blue, not a cloud was in the sky.