Downtown Fresno

Fresno, CA
Fresno, CA

June 29, 2011. It was nice to wake up to some rain this morning, which meant the weather cooled off considerably, giving me a chance to do some sketching in the middle of the day without the oppressive heat. We're having some busy days with many great appointments, seeing friends we haven't seen in a couple years, while our kids are up in the mountains enjoying summer camp at Hume Lake. Everywhere we go, people are so generous, feeding us like we haven't eaten in a year, and all the while we get to enjoy the nearly endless California sunshine.


HB said...

Absolutely stunning! Love, love your style. Everyday i check your feed waiting for some new sketch.
Great work

Moish said...


Rene Fijten said...

Super drawing, you seem to find new heights in your style all the time.

RobCarey said...

Thank you, HB, Moish & Rene!