the golden arches

Fresno, CA- McDonald's

June 19, 2011. After a great time in the Northwest, we settle down in the central valley of California, where we'll be for a time. My first sketch is down on Blackstone in Fresno. The golden arches are recognized all over the world as a symbol that represents so many different things about American culture, good and bad. One of my favorite things about Fresno is the sun. Washington and Idaho were still wet and cool, but you can always count on Fresno to provide Vitamin D.


Peter Bangs said...

Now that's quality, when you can make a picture of McDonalds and make it look appealing. Excellent work.

RobCarey said...

McDonald's is one of the few American fast foods we have in Germany, Switzerland, and France, so we never think about eating there in the States. You can sometimes find a Subway, and occasionally a Burger King, but they're usually found on military bases. But I just had to draw one to represent our arrival here.