smog check

on Priest Lake, Idaho

(And here's a quick sketch from our trip to Priest Lake, Idaho that I forgot to post. There was this interesting floating platform tied to some branches along the edge of the lake.)

Fresno, CA (Blackstone & Birch)

June 25, 2011. A little sketch from down the road this morning. A few people wandered by while I sat on the curb to draw it. I'll dedicate this one to a guy I met a couple days ago who is having a rough time of it. He grew up without a dad, found his role models on the streets, then tried to get his life right, got married, had a couple kids. But like all of us, he made some mistakes, and now everything he had has been ripped away. Looking at him, you'd never think he'd be the type to walk into a church, but he was desperate to get things right with his life. Here's to you, "R-" hang in there, walk steady, don't stop praying. Don't let your anger get the best of you. You're not alone. A lot of us have been there.


Peter Bangs said...

Great drawings, especially the first one with the floating platform. I want one of them floating sheds.

Not sure what low price smog is but it made for another very interesting drawing, love the yellow. The dedication made the picture for me though. If you read this "R-", good luck man and keep praying. God can help you through this if you let him.

Pierre Raby said...

Love the floating platform sketch!
Lot of new great drawings, thanks for sharing!

Charlotte said...

I really like the floating platform one. I wonder of it could be a floating sauna- there are a lot of them around here in Sweden.

RobCarey said...

thanks, Peter, Pierre, Charlotte... the platform was built on extremely large timbers and looks very difficult to steer. The shack was a tool shed with a desk, chair, and lantern. There was a little raft attached on the other side with an outboard motor. Very interesting.