Warnor's Theater revisited

Warnor's Theater- Fresno, CA

June 24, 2011. I've drawn Warnor's Theater before, but it was requested that I do it again. I started the sketch on location, but by 7 am I was already feeling the heat, so I had to pack it up. It turned out to be a much cooler day, the temperature dropping from Wednesday's 107 degrees. My goal is to sketch a small set of historical and important Fresno spots this next week while I'm here. I intend to finish this drawing after some friends at "All Things Fresno" take a look at it and may decide to use it. It needs a sky for one thing. By the way, "All Things Fresno" has a gallery and gift shop there on the left by the awnings shown.


Rene Fijten said...

Lovely drawing!

RobCarey said...

dank u, Rene!