Adolf Kussmaul's house

Kandern, DE

August 24, 2011. It's been so hot and sticky in Kandern this week, so I hung out in the town square last night until it got dark, sketching the Adolf Kussmaul house, with the grape vines full of fruit draped across the front. The square was filled with the voices of people sitting in front of the Italian restaurant at tables, enjoying the subtle evening breezes and something cool to drink. Apparently, Dr. Kussmaul was famous for many things. I read that he was instrumental in studying dyslexia, which he called "word blindness."


Frankie said...

Love the blue shutters and the ivy...this place looks very familiar. I have good memories of sketching with you in that same square.

PS Hot and humid here as not complaining as snow and ice are next on the calendar;)

RobCarey said...

the weather just changed- it went from extremely hot to Seattle cool and rainy overnight. Nice for a change.

Rene Fijten said...

love the drawing. We have torrential rain here. Looks like autumn.

RobCarey said...

We got it right after you, I think. Now the weather couldn't be better. Sunny and warm, but not sticky and hot. I could be ok with this for weeks!

SKIZO said...

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This fabulous work with us
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