Summer's end

summer field

August 31, 2011. The summer is coming to an end and I can already feel the cold morning wind on my way to work aboard my little 50 cc scooter. The grasses are blowing and the skies are damp. At times I wish I was back in the dry California air, but in other ways I anticipate all of the German autumn traditions- the annual Kandern booth fest in the center of town with smells of waffles and bratwurst and new wine. God is good to this rich and abundant land.


Rene Fijten said...

Christmas will be there all too soon. Love this van Gogh drawing.

Frankie said...

Oh My! Love the Sky!

And the birds too;).

Drink a short glass of new wine for me...tastes like grape juice which is dangerous and sleep inducing.

Love seeing a new sketch from you, this one is great!