sketching in Wollbach

Wollbach, DE
Wollbach sketching

September 25, 2011. It was a beautiful Sunday in Kandern. At the Eimeldingen church there were 25 baptisms. It was the pottery fest in town and all the best potters were showing their wares; a festive atmosphere, and the perfect temperature for it. I took some time to sketch this little scene in Wollbach, where I teach, then came home and took a bike ride with my wife through the countryside. Tomorrow we start our sixth week of school, and I can hardly believe how fast the year is going by.


Moish said...

Your drawing looks more "Once-Opon-A-Time" than the original house.
Nice drawing.

RobCarey said...

I agree, and that's usually the case I think with my drawings. Thanks Moish.

Molly said...

Wat een mooie vorm van tekenen/schilderen!!

RobCarey said...

Thank you, Molly.