oh happy day

Kandern Blumenplatz, DE

September 3, 2011. Saturday. A wonderful day. We took our kids into the mountains and enjoyed the glory of God's great creation. In spite of some big discouragements the past few weeks, I am filled with a deep sense of peace and joy that can only come from above. This sketch was just an afterthought, a quick reflection of the day.


Pierre Raby said...

Great sketch Rob, I also enjoy very much the other one -your new school with the tree in the middle, it is perfectly balanced and works well.
A great weekend to you and family!

RobCarey said...

Thank you, Pierre. Always great to hear from you.



Robin (Bobby) Henry here... How do I get involved with the sketching groups? Do you know of any here in Los Angeles that are worth while? This is an amazing sub-culture to be apart of... I'd like to join a blog or group... Any recommendations?

RobCarey said...

Very cool- here's a link:
It's a sketch crawl site that posts when their next sketching dates and locations are. Otherwise, you can wait for me next summer!