a part of me

Wollbach, DE

September 22, 2011. Here's one of those spots I noticed the other day, as I was taking a walk through the village of Wollbach, where I teach. It happens to me literally all the time, every day. I see something that I want to draw. And then I draw it, and it becomes a part of me. As I sat here on the street, life was happening all around me. Two German school girls were lugging their backpacks home from school, walking down these steps, one of them telling the other to call her later- "Ruf mich an, Lisa!" Two older ladies were dressed in their Sunday best, riding bikes down the street, looking a bit lost. Later, a man and his wife came by. He had a smart disposition, carrying a pair of walking sticks, confidently clacking them on the stones, offering me a healthy "Guten Tag!" as they marched by.


Rene Fijten said...

Super drawing, and nice story Rob. Funny, sometimes, when I draw in the street, I am so concentrated that I forget everything around me. And other times it seems I am more aware of what happens.

RobCarey said...

I know what you mean. This day was so beautiful that I felt completely "there."