sunflower field

Wollbach, DE

September 13, 2011. I took a walk around the village of Wollbach, where I now teach, and found this field of sunflowers up on the hill. While I was teaching today, the mayor of the village came into my classroom, shook my hand, and gave me a sunflower as a gesture of welcome to the town. I have to say, it's a beautiful little village. As I walked around, I made mental notes of the various scenes that I will want to draw this year. One of my favorite things about Wollbach is that there is a seven kilometer bike path that connects it with Kandern, so I have been enjoying the ride to and from work each day.


Alex Zonis said...

Love this! A perfectly happy summer hill :) The only thing missing is the "Sound of Music" playing in the background.

RobCarey said...

The hills are alive...!!