Vlad again


September 26, 2011. Vlad- he's certainly in it for the long run. Another gorgeous day in Kandern, eating dinner outside, on the bike to and from work every day, through the corn fields... can't beat it. Micah had a drum lesson in Sitzenkirch, so my wife and I took the dog through the forest at sunset. Feels like summer will never end, but we know better. The trees are just beginning to change into their new fashions, and in a way I'm ready for it.


Snow Violent said...

but he looks some sad :3

RobCarey said...

Hi Snow! His posture- I think looks like he's just fidgety, wants to stand up.

Frankie said...

Great sketch...I can relate to the great weather...ours is always nearly the same. Sunny warm days. Leaves falling.

PS My Urban Sketchers is on the way;).

Happy sketching, hugs to all (mom)

RobCarey said...

Ah, you ordered a copy of the book? That's great. I ordered mine too. I think it's still cheaper if you pre-order it. You're going to love it. I saw some of the pages already and it looks fantastic.