rush hour in Kandern

on Waldeck - Kandern, DE

February 29, 2012. The last day of February seemed like the first day of spring. It was warm enough to hang out and draw on the street for an hour and still feel your fingers. I counted about 20 people who came by to say hello, including my daughter on her way home from school.


Ret&Kerhaveanidea said...

Hi Rob, first off your stuff is awesome. I love the raw style. I have recently started painting after years of just sketching in pencil. Any tips and tricks you could recommend for a beginner in colors?

RobCarey said...

Everyone has his/her take on colors. I say, start subtle. I seldom use the green right from the box. I mix some red or brown with it first. For gray, I find a combination of the right blues and browns. thanks for you note.