hollow tree

Hollow Tree- Wollbach, Germany

March 29, 2012. I sketched this hollow tree up on the hill today. Although it's only a shell of a tree, it is filled with life, ready to burst forth with color now that spring has arrived. My daughter is heading off to Tanzania tomorrow, so we are praying for her to have a safe and wonderful trip, as she'll be working with the Masai children.


peter bangs said...

Fantastic tree. very Arthur Rackham-like in appearance. Trees are always a favourite subject for me.

A friend's daughter has just returned from a visit to Rwanda where she was working with children and had a wonderfully blessed time. Tell your daughter the prayers of strangers are traveling with her too. She will have a wonderful time.

RobCarey said...

Thanks, Peter. Last year at this time she was in Uganda, and the only email we got said, "I love it here and don't want to come home!"