School Days

Wollbach school, DE

Wollbach school, Germany


Owl said...

Another fine very sketch Rob. To get a compliment off a kid while sketching is a great thing. I remember sitting drawing in a museum with a good friend about 20 years ago. We became aware of a young lad peeping over our shoulders as we scribbled. In the silence of the museum he finally blurted out "thats dead good mister" to my friend before running off embarrassed. I think his comment was far kinder than anything we got from our art school tutors :o)

RobCarey said...

I know that feeling. I open my sketchbook on the playground and somebody says, "Dude! Check this out!" and his friends come to look. I always get a kick when kids say, "Whoa, did you draw that by yourself?" I never know how to answer that. I usually say something like, "No, I had to use a pen."

susan tweedy said...

Rob - How does one go about buying one of your prints? Will it be too late once you move? I hadn't even known you did these until a friend bought one and showed me. Have you done many of Kandern?

RobCarey said...

Hi Susan,
We have prints of Kandern at our house. Just come by anytime!