"Kandern Sketchbook"

"Kandern Sketchbook"

April 11, 2012. I completed a new self-publish book today. (Available here) The book contains about 100 full color sketches and drawings of Kandern and scenes around Kandern. I will make it available to staff at the school where I teach, as well as local residents. "Kandern Sketchbook" is an important part of my saying goodbye to Kandern after 15 years of living, working, and raising our children here, and this book is part of what I leave behind of myself.


Frankie said...

I really have to get one of these books...loving Kandern and all the great memories I have of visiting you there. Can't wait to see all the sketches again, in one book. Cool!

Rene Fijten said...

What a fine gift for that goodbye. It will not be easy.

RobCarey said...

Thanks for getting one! Make sure to use a promo code when you order to get the discount.
No, it will not be easy at all, Rene. But we are very thankful for so many good years here.