on Good Friday

Kandern Blumenplatz

March 7, 2012. Here's one of the most familiar sights to anyone from Kandern. Good Friday was very quiet. Everything was closed, of course, and it was a nice day to pick our daughter up from the airport and hear about her adventures in Tanzania last week. She taught school in a classroom of Masai children and learned to play netball in the hot sun. Someone told her she was worth 50 cows. (They added at least ten because of her blonde hair.)


Frankie said...

Yes, very familiar but I never get tired of your buildings...I would love a wall full of your Euro memories...I will always remember your neighborhood and miss it. This one is great!

Rene Fijten said...

Nice sketch. We know that all of Germany is closed, you can't get into Maastricht properly because of all the German shoppers. (for us it's a normal friday)