a quickie in Loerrach

Loerrach, DE

March 7, 2012. My niece flew in this morning from California, so we spent the day in downtown Loerrach. The girls went one direction and my son and I visited the sports stores. At the end of our time, while I was waiting for the girls, I did this 20 minute sketch. My son went a distance away from me, because he wanted to count how many people were trying to watch what I was drawing. Pretty funny, as I am completely unaware of people watching when I am drawing.


Rene Fijten said...

Lovely story. I recognize myself in this, when I am drawing I am completely absorbed. And I admire the patience of my family or colleagues when they have to wait until I do my thing again.

RobCarey said...

Yes, they must be so patient with us! I'm not a fan of shopping, so it's hard for me to go along without thinking about sketching instead.