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May 14, 2012. While walking through the center of town last week, I saw my lime-green Diamond Back bicycle at the bike shop. My bike had been stolen about a year and a half ago from my house, and it had been a sad day. I bought the bike in 1988, after getting out of the army, and I was sitting on my bike in 1989 when I met my wife. I don't consider myself overly sentimental about things like bikes, but this was a special thing. In just a few days we are packing up our house into a container to take everything back to the States, and the bike showed up just in time to make the trip.


Rene Fijten said...

Lucky for you to find that bike back. Or maybe the hand of God.

RobCarey said...

You're right on your second thought!

Jude said...

now that was perfect timing