Friede sei mit Euch

Kandern, DE

June 2, 2012. Friede sei mit euch. (Peace be with you.) Turning the page on this amazing chapter of our lives in Kandern, Germany... my daughter graduates today and says goodbye to her friends, who will then scatter to the four corners of the globe. A day of celebrating, but not without many tears. In just a few days, we give our final hugs to loved ones here, then board our flight back to the States, where we will begin a new and very different chapter. In times like this, the words of our Lord, engraved on this cross overlooking Kandern "Friede sei mit euch" penetrate our hearts and give us strength for the journey.

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Rene Fijten said...

Congratulations to your daughter. Another milestone. And a few other milestones coming up for you as well.