driving with oven mitts

Fresno, CA July 14, 2012. I went down to get a smog check today, on Blackstone... sat down on the curb to draw while I waited. It was 107 F yesterday, here in Fresno. I felt like driving with oven mitts on. My wife and I were up in Castro Valley the last couple days, looking for a house to rent. A bit pricey up there as far as rent goes, but definitely cooler than here in the valley. It's been so hot, we've been taking our little dog into the pool to cool off.


Rene Fijten said...

What is a smog check? We could use some of your warmth here, we only have rain, rain, rain and rain.

RobCarey said...

I think I'm done with rain, Rene. I haven't seen rain or hardly a cloud since I moved back to California. Blue skies every day. I'm sure once we move up to the Bay area I'll see some fog again. A smog check is an emissions test that you have to pass on your car at regular intervals.