at Monument Point

Laguna Beach, CA July 3, 2012. My son and I were down at this point yesterday, exploring the tide pools. I went down here again this morning and made this little video to show the beauty of the coast. We're enjoying seeing our family, and our kids are enjoying hanging out with their cousins. Lots of sea, sun, and sand in our life this week. Gotta love it.


Frankie said...

Love this video...and of course the sketches. Hot here today so I want to wade in your ocean.
Great work as always!

PS What is that you're sketching with? Charcoal pencil?

Xoxoxox Mom

rob carey said...

thanks, Mom- the pencil is just a large caliber mechanical pencil with a soft lead.

Terry Banderas said...

Nice video and artwork. Loved the music too. Great job and nice post for all of us to see.

RobCarey said...

thanks! The pencil is a mechanical pencil I found in Germany. Appreciate your comment, Terry. I only wish I had more time to sketch along the beach- so beautiful here!