Over the tracks

Hayward, CA August 25, 2012. Thursday morning my wife took my daughter down to Riverside to move into her first college dorm. I knew it would be hard to see her move out, but I had no idea how hard. Her entire life has been playing through my mind; from the first time I saw her break out into the world, helpless and cold, to her first day of school, to her first banquet...the years go by like chapters of a novel, and I can't help wondering if I could have been a better dad. Nevertheless, she is loved by everyone she meets, has a heart of gold, and the world will be a better place with her in it. Can you tell I'm proud of her? I love you, Amanda, and I will miss your daily hugs and hearing your funny stories at the dinner table. Have a wonderful year as you meet new friends and experience new adventures. All our prayers and love, Dad


Rene Fijten said...

Yes I know, I have been there as well (is it already four years now that our daughter moved out?). Don't worry, you'll never loose that girl in your heart, and you'll get a fine young woman back as well.
With that, she probably had the best parents imaginable.

Frankie said...

Rob, I have been a witness to your parenting skills from the first time I saw you and Carrie with Amanda...you are both amazing parents with God's help every step of the way! I miss Amanda too and am sad to not see her this time when I visit but am looking forward to seeing Micah and you and Carrie! The sketch is great by the way...and PS be ready for a fresh peach pie;) Love, Mom