November Saturday

Hayward, CA Hayward, CA November 3, 2012. Did some sketching around Hayward today. Then rooted for some kids at Castro Valley Bowl- Go Josh! Finished off the day by driving up to Pittsburg to eat with Marty and Carol and their grandson.


Zeljko Savic said...

Nice! I like your colour selection. Greets from Switzerland, Zeljko

Benjamin J. Melgares said...

Great drawing very precise and detailed love the overall composition in the first one. Wonderful subjects. Just curious but roughly how long do these take you: drawing n' watercolor washes?
Drop me a line,
Benjamin j.

Michael said...

Nice job, Rob. I think that your use of pencil versus pen brings out another dimension to your compositions ... More realistic and subdued. And this is from someone who loves a fountain pen sketch!

RobCarey said...

Thanks, ZS- I miss Switzerland!!
Thanks Benjamin- drawing/watercolor is faster for me than drawing with pen. The house took about an hour.
Thanks, Michael- I think you're right. The pen more easily turns my sketches into cartoons. I should try sepia pens some time.

Benjamin J. Melgares said...

Thanks rob, by chance what size of paper do you use? Sorry I've been really pressing myself to come up with quick sketches and wanna see more or less how I stack up lol

Benjamin j.

RobCarey said...

I use all different sizes. This sketch is on large paper, and the sketch itself must be at least 12 in. wide..??