another windy

another windy April 25, 2012. It was another windy day here. There's something about windy days that stir the imagination and sweep up new ideas.

at the ruins


April 23, 2012. It's worth taking the time to look for the themes in your life. Sometimes the underlying story stays hidden for years, only to dimly emerge here and there in the least expected moments. The hopeless cynic touts his doubts, then closes dismal eyes. But those who hope in Him will renew their strength. They will rise up with wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary.

just too busy

April 21, 2012. Here's a little preview of the book "Kandern Sketchbook" that I finished a couple weeks ago. Several of you have already ordered a copy, and I thank you very much. If you haven't ordered one, but you'd like to, I would recommend ordering the softcover edition. The book is 8 x 10 inches in size and has 106 pages, with about 100 full-color drawings. You can search Google for promotion codes for Blurb to get a significant price reduction. If you order one before April 30, you can still use this promotion code at checkout: NEWRMN20 Life has been way too busy to do much drawing lately, as I've been teaching full time, applying for jobs, trying to sell our house, find the right schools for our kids, packing boxes, and doing side jobs here and there. I'm afraid it's going to be like this until we leave Germany. It's a bit stressful at times, but we know God is with us all the way, and we are trying to hang our problems on his coat hook when we walk in the door.

"Kandern Sketchbook"

"Kandern Sketchbook"

April 11, 2012. I completed a new self-publish book today. (Available here) The book contains about 100 full color sketches and drawings of Kandern and scenes around Kandern. I will make it available to staff at the school where I teach, as well as local residents. "Kandern Sketchbook" is an important part of my saying goodbye to Kandern after 15 years of living, working, and raising our children here, and this book is part of what I leave behind of myself.

Kussmaul house again

Kandern, Germany

April 10, 2012. A sketch at the end of the day, down in Kandern again. We spent the day up in Todtmoos, going down the mountain on a rodelbahn- big fun.

sketching on Easter

Feldberg, Germany

April 8, 2012. Celebrating Easter today with loved ones, thankful for the resurrection of our Lord and looking forward to our own reunion with those who have gone before us. I ventured over to this little village of Feldberg this afternoon to reflect on the day and the beauty of creation all around us. Spring is always a reminder of new life; just a glimpse of things to come.

a quickie in Loerrach

Loerrach, DE

March 7, 2012. My niece flew in this morning from California, so we spent the day in downtown Loerrach. The girls went one direction and my son and I visited the sports stores. At the end of our time, while I was waiting for the girls, I did this 20 minute sketch. My son went a distance away from me, because he wanted to count how many people were trying to watch what I was drawing. Pretty funny, as I am completely unaware of people watching when I am drawing.

on Good Friday

Kandern Blumenplatz

March 7, 2012. Here's one of the most familiar sights to anyone from Kandern. Good Friday was very quiet. Everything was closed, of course, and it was a nice day to pick our daughter up from the airport and hear about her adventures in Tanzania last week. She taught school in a classroom of Masai children and learned to play netball in the hot sun. Someone told her she was worth 50 cows. (They added at least ten because of her blonde hair.)

recycling an old sketch

Binzen, DE

March 6, 2012. Sorry to recycle an old drawing, but we've been busy packing boxes for several days now. After 15 years in Germany, and raising our kids here, we've collected quite a load of stuff. So we've been getting rid of lots of it and packing what we think we'll need in boxes. In just over two months we will be saying goodbye to many loved ones here and the Germany we have grown to love. I'm afraid my sketches will be rare these last couple of months, as there are a million things to do before we go, but we do have a couple trips planned, so stay tuned.