Fresno Chaffee Zoo

Chaffee Zoo, Fresno, CA July 19, 2012. After almost a week searching for a place to live, it all comes down to our little white dog. Nobody wants to rent a house to a family with a dog, even though she's the cleanest member of our family! So the search continues. In the meantime, we returned to Fresno for a couple days to visit with family and go to the Fresno Chaffee Zoo. I took along a Stillman & Birn sketchbook. Now it's time to go back to Castro Valley and continue the search. It will be great when we finally land and can unpack our boxes and suitcases and get started on this new chapter.

House Hunting

Fresno, CA Castro Valley, CA July 16, 2012. We're up in Castro Valley, hunting for a nest. The top sketch I did the other afternoon on Blackstone before we left, and the lower sketch shows the view out the window where we are staying this week at a pastor's house. He is very generous to put us up in his guesthouse, and we love the surrounding hills in this area. Hopefully in the next couple days we'll be able to land on a place to call home for this next chapter of our lives. Other than finding a home, we've found scores of new friends already and love the people I'll be working with. God is good.

driving with oven mitts

Fresno, CA July 14, 2012. I went down to get a smog check today, on Blackstone... sat down on the curb to draw while I waited. It was 107 F yesterday, here in Fresno. I felt like driving with oven mitts on. My wife and I were up in Castro Valley the last couple days, looking for a house to rent. A bit pricey up there as far as rent goes, but definitely cooler than here in the valley. It's been so hot, we've been taking our little dog into the pool to cool off.

on Whittier Blvd.

La Habra, CA July 7, 2012. Up in La Habra for a few days, staying with family. Our container comes in on Monday from Germany, then we take everything up to Castro Valley for the big move. I got over to do a quick sketch today just down the street. Loving the California sunshine, hanging out with nieces and nephews, swimming, and some down time... finding some real deals at the used clothing store that I can use for work, and taking advantage of a 1/4 pound hot dog and coke for $1.50 at Costco.

at Monument Point

Laguna Beach, CA July 3, 2012. My son and I were down at this point yesterday, exploring the tide pools. I went down here again this morning and made this little video to show the beauty of the coast. We're enjoying seeing our family, and our kids are enjoying hanging out with their cousins. Lots of sea, sun, and sand in our life this week. Gotta love it.

in Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach, CA June 2, 2012. We're staying down in Laguna Beach, about a block from the beach, so I got up early to go sketch this little scene. We'll be here for almost a week. The beach is quiet in the morning. Just a few seagulls and occasional jogger, and of course the gentle clapping of the breakers. Nice.