Over the tracks

Hayward, CA August 25, 2012. Thursday morning my wife took my daughter down to Riverside to move into her first college dorm. I knew it would be hard to see her move out, but I had no idea how hard. Her entire life has been playing through my mind; from the first time I saw her break out into the world, helpless and cold, to her first day of school, to her first banquet...the years go by like chapters of a novel, and I can't help wondering if I could have been a better dad. Nevertheless, she is loved by everyone she meets, has a heart of gold, and the world will be a better place with her in it. Can you tell I'm proud of her? I love you, Amanda, and I will miss your daily hugs and hearing your funny stories at the dinner table. Have a wonderful year as you meet new friends and experience new adventures. All our prayers and love, Dad

Sunday afternoon in Hayward

Hayward, CA August 19, 2012. A beautiful Sunday afternoon in Hayward, sketching down the road from us. Spending a lot of time on lesson plans, getting ready to start teaching this Wednesday. The last couple days of summer waning by. Strange to not be heading back to Germany this time. Life is so different here. And yet, in other ways, so much the same. The world shares so much in common. Kids outside on the playground, talking about the same things kids talk about all over the world. People grilling meat in the park, others taking a drive, showing off their motors. Living in the Bay area is like living all over the world, as people are here from every corner.

posting from MCDs

Hayward, CA August 12, 2012. We're all at McDonald's tonight; not to eat, just to use the internet. Meanwhile, the long wait for service from AT&T continues into the 3rd week. We spent the day up in Pittsburg, CA, going to church with some friends up there we knew in Germany. This sketch is a quickie, showing the front of the townhouses where we are living. I still haven't seen one drop of rain since we landed in California in the middle of June, and I'm not complaining. (My son just bought a cheeseburger, so I don't feel so bad now.) Have a good week.

Saturday in Hayward

Hayward, CA August 11, 2012. We're starting to feel at home in Hayward. I'm a week into my routine, somewhat, even though it's still preparation time in the classroom. I've got some great people to work with, with twice as many years experience as myself, and even though many things are different, there seem to be more similarities than differences. Our townhouse in Hayward is small, but very comfortable, and the neighbors around us are very diverse and friendly. My son and daughter played some tennis with me yesterday at the park across the street from this grill. The courts are free to the public; just an example of some of the things I've missed the past 15 years living in Germany. As I write, they're out garage "sailing" as they call it, which is one of my wife's favorite weekend activities.

Alberto Giacometti

Alberto Giacometti August 4, 2012. A sketch of Alberto Giacometti today, whose elongated sculptures take me back to Switzerland for a moment, far away from super-sized soft drinks and greasy cheeseburgers. We're back in Fresno for the weekend, picking up my son from summer camp at Hume Lake and dropping off my daughter, who will celebrate her 18th birthday with my family, hitting Disneyland and a Dodgers game. After a couple weeks in our house in Hayward, we still can't get internet access. Thank goodness for Starbucks, so we can check email!

at home in Hayward

Hayward, CA August 3, 2012. After a couple weeks of searching for a place to live, we found another townhouse that will be our new home. I've been hired to teach at another great school, and I've been enjoying getting to meet my new colleagues. Unfortunately, AT&T is having a rough time trying to hook up internet to our apartment, so we are still without it. Anything I do online is at Starbucks. I haven't had much time to sketch, so the two sketches on the right give you a little glimpse out of our windows from our new place in Hayward.