start over

one tree September 30, 2012. Any time I think I can find what I'm looking for in life outside of the person who knows me best, I am pursuing emptiness. Look for him first. Everything else will fall into place. Whatever it takes, and whatever you have to leave behind, chase after truth.

on the perimeter

on the perimeter September 24, 2012. Sometimes in my life there have been people who have walked my perimeter. Were it not for these people, only God knows where I would have ended up. By the prayers of saints have I escaped tragedy. And you may be walking for someone today. Keep walking. Keep praying.

another turn

another turn September 23, 2012. To my friend. I know the path you are walking is dark. I know your nights are filled with fears. Hold fast to the One who is mighty. He will never leave you. He will never forsake you. Let him take you through tomorrow.

need you again

Hayward, CA September 22, 2012. What makes me think I can do it without you? You are the source of my life. You are my hope. You are my everything. My soul without you is dry and lifeless. Fill me again with your Spirit; with your joy. You traded everything for me. May I trade my life for you.

things not said

Missing you September 18, 2012. Not everything has to be said out loud. Some things are just understood. When someone takes your hand and walks by your side, the confession is clear. But too often important words have gone unsaid. I am reminding myself to encourage those around me, before the opportunity is gone.

Luisa's Place

San Lorenzo, CA September 15, 2012. Sketching in San Lorenzo this morning, near my son's school. There's nothing like a Saturday morning and time to sketch, especially after a busy and somewhat stressful week. We attended a charity dinner last night for a group that ministers to abused kids in third world countries. A praise band from a school in San Jose provided the music. It was a powerful time of thanking God for his love, and even though I was tired out, the music filled me with new strength and vision. God is doing great things around the world, and it is always a privilege to reach out in love in His name.

at the Marina

San Leandro Marina, CA September 7, 2012. My mother came down from Idaho to visit us in our new place here in Hayward. After teaching, we headed down to the San Leandro Marina with my son and we did some sketching along the water.

Ocie & Ida

Hayward, CA September 5, 2012. Facebook is an interesting dilemma at times. Now that we live here in Hayward, we are fully entrenched into life here. Walking through narrow German cobblestone avenues and hearing the rough Alemmanisch dialect is now something of our past. The past two days I have been watching life in our old community through the posts of Facebook friends. A new school year is underway, and I see familiar faces walking down streets I no longer walk. Soon people will be posting images of the Budenfest and Herbstmesse, special traditions that we will miss dearly. Change is inevitable, and many times difficult. The most difficult change this year has been sending our daughter off to college. Yet, through it all, we are confident of God's hand of provision. He continues to take care of us in every way. Here's a sketch on the corner of Ocie & Ida today.

Old City Hall

Hayward, CA September 3, 2012. Got up early this morning and sketched the old city hall building. This building served as the city hall from 1930-1969, but was abandoned after it was discovered that part of the Hayward Fault Line ran directly beneath it. The USGS claims that we are sitting atop a "tectonic time bomb" here in Hayward.

at Lake Chabot

Lake Chabot, CA September 1, 2012. My son and I spent a few hours up at Lake Chabot today. He was throwing in a line and I was hiking around and sketching. I watched a goatherd gather a hundred goats who had strayed into the brush. Afterward, we stopped to get a burger and saw what we thought was an old man having a heart attack. I just had my CPR training a couple weeks ago, and I thought I was going to have to use it. Turns out it was insulin shock, and his entire 200 pounds suddenly went completely limp. It took every muscle in my body, and my son grabbing his feet, to put his body into the passenger side of his daughter's car. A few minutes later he started coming to, but I felt ready to collapse!