down on Fifth Street today

Clovis, CA

December 1, 2013. "Fifth Street in Clovis" 9 x 13 inches. $85 original (Hahnemühle hot press) It just seems funny. The Christmas decorations are hanging from the lamp posts in old town Clovis, just like they are in Kandern, Germany. But there won't be any snow any time soon. In fact, people are walking around town in shorts and T-shirts. My wife and I even played tennis after dark and broke a sweat. Anyway, I had a couple hours to do some sketching, so you can see the Fifth Street Salon & Boutique there, as well as the Rodeo Coffee Shop.


Rene Fijten said...

Here it's cold, damp and dark early. So don't worry about christmas with >20 Celsius, we're only jealous here. As a sidenote, I found the posted drawing a little pale for monitor use, could be that you did that deliberately, but usually your drawings are more vivid. Maybe tweak the scanner settings. But don't rely just on me, ask opinion of others first.

RobCarey said...

I think the color is pretty true to the original, but I used a Hahnemuhle hot press paper for this, and light washes of color. I'm also using that very fine point Pentel, so the lines are very subdued as well.