In This World

Francis Chan

April 30, 2014. Francis Chan could have turned against God for all of the tragedy that came into his early life. Seeing his parents die caused him to see the brevity of life, and ask important questions about what is the point of our existence here on earth. Jesus did not say, "In this world you will have comfort and ease." He did say, "In this world you will have tribulation." And he followed that by saying that He has overcome the world.  Some people might think that Chan made a mistake in walking away from a successful ministry. But Chan understood that God wasn't calling him to be famous; he was calling him to be faithful. After a trip to Africa, where he saw the needs of people in poverty, he decided to give up a comfortable income and neighborhood, and his own house, and chose to live on a very small income, helping the needy around him. In this world, we will face difficulties. That we know for sure. But joy comes from blessing those who are needy around us, and being generous with the resources God gives us. Hayward


Vicky L. Williamson said...

Beautiful piece --- God's grace working in partnership with a person yielding to Him is amazing.

RobCarey said...