Jan 20, 2017

industrial corner

It was a big day in the United States today. A new president stands at the helm, promising productivity, success, opportunity. The world watches. Yesterday my son and I, along with about 20 other merit scholars, had the opportunity to meet the man who led the team of scientists that landed the latest rover on Mars. He gave a lecture downtown and I took off the morning off to join. The arena was packed with people wanting to hear the details of the accomplishment, and the scientist shared his experiences and the importance of having and fostering curiosity.


Rene Fijten said...

Beautiful drawing. And that speech sounds very interesting. The new frontier?

RobCarey said...

The new frontier, but he was very straightforward when someone asked about populating Mars or any other planet for that matter. He said if we can't harness the resources here on earth to feed the people of the world, what makes us think we can do it on a dead planet like Mars. We live on the most livable planet there is, and we have enough here to provide for the people. Let's harness that first.