Feb 3, 2017

Monet on his way

The rain just keeps coming and today's sky was out of this world. They say most of the water is flowing out to sea, but I don't see any reason to be pessimistic. Politics are on everyone's mind and everyone seems to have a strong opinion. I think everyone needs to just chill out. What's done is done and God's on the big throne anyway. In between the rains, my wife and I got out and had a couple rounds of tennis. My daughter is taking her third art class and her talent is remarkable. She's looking into masters programs. My son is getting excited about heading off to college. Change is afoot. A good time to lean into God and take time to enjoy all that is going on.

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Anonymous said...

thank you for a sane voice in this crazy time. Why is it that people aways forget who is really in charge. leaning into God myself. -stacey