Aug 21, 2017

Henry's in San Jose

My wife and I are in that very emotional time of life when we send our kids out into the world. Our emotions are compounded in that both of our children leave the nest within two weeks of each other. My daughter heads to Long Beach where she will work and save money for grad school, and my son leaves for college in Canada. Our daughter left Saturday morning, so rather than walking back into our empty house, where we'd have to walk past her empty bedroom, we decided to get away for a night and a day. We ended up staying in San Jose, at the Dolce Hayes Mansion, a sketch I will post eventually here. We didn't actually eat at Henry's BBQ, but I just liked the look of the place.

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Rene Fijten said...

I know what you feel, we have been there. New times will come, with redefined relationships, as valuable as the ones you left behind (to be remembered and cherised).
And I love the drawing, that beautiful red! Almost swedish.