Oct 23, 2017

Truck Stories

Busy days, but those are good. Made sure to take time to sketch this truck. Met with a friend today who lost his wife to cancer a few years back and now one of his young daughters is fighting it. I find his faith a powerful testimony of God's grace. He smiles and tells me that he trusts God, and that every person he gives us is a gift, but we don't know how long we have the gift. It's our role to love them while they are with us. And, there was a conversation with someone in the office today. Last week she flipped her car out on a country road and landed right side up in a reservoir. The water was 20 feet deep and the car began to sink, but she couldn't get the doors to open from the pressure of the water, or the sunroof to open. She was finally able to lower one of the windows just enough to squeeze out and swim to safety before the car went down. She was thankful to God her life was spared. Every day is a God-given gift, and I want to be thankful for each one.

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